20 Foods That Are Killing You Slowly


We eat a lot of different kinds of food everyday. Some are healthy but sadly, there are some foods that are so unhealthy that they may be killing you slowly. The worst part is that the ones that cause a slow death are the tastiest and also the most commonly consumed. For this reason, it is important to go the extra mile and find out what you could be eating that could be causing problems for you. As much as possible, try limiting the number of times you eat such foods or just avoid them completely if you do not want to get high cholesterol, high blood pressure, different types of cancer, obesity, Alzheimer’s or even anxiety and depression. Here are some foods that are killing you slowly.

1. Sodas

These carbonated drinks contain ingredients that are terrible for your skin, your blood sugar levels, the hormones and even your mood. Some of them have labels that claim they contain certain nutrients that are good for your body such as vitamins but that is not the case. Sodas contain preservatives, food dyes and lots of sugar. The sugar-free versions contain plenty of artificial sweeteners. Instead of soda, just buy your own fruits and blend them. If you want some bubbles add some of that to sparkling water. It’s healthier.