Celebrity Couples That Have Proven True Love Exists Despite Their Fame


2. Ranvir Singh and Ranjeet Singh

Ranvir Singh married Ranjeet Singh in 2012. However, as it stands, the two are divorced. According to Ranvir, they split a while back but chose not to reveal the news in public for the sake of their only child, son Tushaan. The revelation about their split came during a TV show after she had been cast on Strictly Come Dancing. Ranvir didn’t reveal too many details about her separation saying she keeps them to herself for the sake of her son. That said, she has been rumored to be in a romantic relationship with Giovanni Pernice, a professional dancer who was the Italian Open Latin Dance Champion. Giovanni is also a Guinness World Record holder and his chemistry with Ranvir on the show is what sparked the rumors as it saw the two perform several intimate dance routines. According to Ranvir, she is currently single and claims the chemistry with her dance partner was because the two needed to be convincing in their act together during the show.