See What Happens to Your Body If You Eat Three Dates a Day


If you are that person with a sweet tooth and would like something sweet to eat on a Friday evening, something to give you some energy, to give you a skip in your step, something new and refreshing, then dates will definitely work for you. These sweet fruits are great whether that Friday evening is spent on a date with a special person or just indoors with your friend. Having dates for dessert is awesome because it’s good for both your body and the mind. Here’s how eating dates, the fruit that is grown in many tropical regions of the world, can help you.

1. It reduces your risk of getting colon cancer

Dates not only ensure that the food you’ve eaten moves at a healthy rate throughout your body’s digestive system, but also keeps your gut strong, healthy and free from bacteria. The colon works great when the gut and digestive system are also working properly. This will, therefore, reduces your chances of getting colon cancer. According to studies, people who eat dates regularly have better colon health because those dates promote the growth of good bacteria and hinder the growth of cancer cells.