NCIS Cast Then And Now: What They Look Like Today Will Leave You With No Words!


NCIS has been a fan favorite for a decade and a half now. Expectedly, this extremely popular and highly rated show has seen flocks of television actors join and leave throughout the many years. The lead cast Mark Harmon has astonishingly peaked his net worth to $40 millions with this show itself. Today, we are going to list the current and former stars of the show and their whereabouts.

1. Mark Harmon

Starting off the list with the charming face of the show, Mark Harmon. This man has been in the show business from the 70s but the show that helped him shape up to what he is now and boosted his net worth to $40 million is undoubtedly NCIS. Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs has been ruling the small screen as well as our hearts since 2003 and luckily for us, he has no plans to leave just yet. He along with his better half Pam Dawber is celebrating three decades of matrimony.