Rescuers Were Blown Away to Hear the Truth About This Litter of Puppies


It was a seemingly ordinary day in Colorado Springs when the local FD received a distress call concerning animals in dire need of rescuing. The firemen immediately suited up and headed to the scene as quickly as they could, and it immediately became apparent that their day was anything but normal. They initially thought they had all of the necessary hardware to fish a litter of puppies out of the storm drain, but they were stunned to learn the shocking truth about the rescue mission.

1. The Fireman’s Calling


Perhaps the first image to pop into your mind when you think of fighters extinguishing a burning home. However, this isn’t the only act of heroism that firefighters do; they’re often on the receiving end of cries for help when people or animals need rescuing. And no, cute kittens stuck in trees is actually a lot rarer than TV wants us to believe.