These 15 Foods Are Awful for Your Skin – but We Have the Best Replacement!


Multiple factors influence how we age. First and foremost it’s our genes that are decisive, but things like smoking, drinking, or sun exposure can furthermore increase the speed of aging. Many people disregard their diet as a factor. While you cannot turn back time and make wrinkles disappear by eating better, you can certainly delay the inevitable a little.

With some conscious choices in our day-to-day lives, we can prevent wrinkles and dry skin. Do you want to feel and look younger? Then you should make sure not to consume these 15 foods and instead replace them with beneficial alternatives.


Of course, we all know sugar isn’t a great choice, but did you know it also hurts your skin? Sugar intake triggers a process that influences the production of collagen, the protein, which keeps your skin tight and young. It’s best to eliminate sugar as much as possible. A good choice is the 80/20 method. This method sets a goal of 80% of choices being healthy and thereby limiting the intake of sugary products to 20%.