Top 30 Most Adorable LGBTQ Celeb Couples


We, the public, absolutely love it when we see celebrities fall head-over-heels in love with each other, regardless of who they’re with. It just proves that love is boundless. In this list, you’ll see 30 of the most heartwarming LGBTQ celebrities couples, many of which you may not have known were LGBTQ!

1. Chely Wright + Lauren Blitzer

This is a lovely picture of country singer Chely Wright embracing her wife of nine years, Same Sex in the City’s author and LGBTQ activist Lauren Blitzer. Chely had struggled with her sexual orientation for years, and her rise to stardom in the country genre only mad things worse. She remained quiet throughout the years out of fear of what it might do to her singing career. In 2007, she finally opened up to the public and four years later announced her engagement to the love of her life.