Do You Like Drinking Why? Here’s 15 More Reasons To Have A Glass


There seems to be a new thing to consume all the time. The headlines are full of ideas and tricks and foods to eat and what to drink. If we ate and drink everything we should, we certainly couldn’t fit into our clothes anymore. There is one thing though that already plays a role in our lives: wine! Here are 15 great reasons why wine is good for us and they’re actually based on science!

Obviously, there are plenty of people out there disregarding the benefits of any alcohol consumption, yet science is on our side here. In the following article, you will find 15 scientific facts that are hard to disregard. Cheers to that!

Wine Can Reduce the Risk of Suffering a Stroke

Yes, alcohol can actually reduce your risk of having a stroke. The same is true for other alcoholic beverages. They in fact help reduce the likelihood of blood clotting. It turns out alcohol is a blood thinner. Wine especially can help prevent buildup in arteries. The buildup is one of the main causes of a stroke. Of course, this is only the case if consumed in moderation. Too much alcohol will actually have the opposite effect.