Chemicals In Sunscreen Find Their Way Into Our Bloodstream


We are often reminded by doctors and cosmetic experts to apply some sunscreen on our skin before we step out to protect us from the harmful sun rays. Everytime you step outside in sunny weather, you are exposed to the UV rays and for that reason, you are advised to use sunscreen every single day to stay safe. It’s something a lot of people ignore but the benefits of doing so can be seen in the long term. That said, did you know that chemical sunscreens can get into your body? It’s a bit confusing but the thing is, when you slather sunscreen on your skin, the chemicals in it find their way into your bloodstream rather quickly.

Chemical sunscreens are made of a number of different kinds of chemicals that get into the body and act as endocrine disruptors and could end up interfering with your thyroid and other hormones in your body.
According to research, a large number of people tested were found to have in them Oxybenzone, which is the most common chemical found in sunscreen. This is very harmful and can even reduce one’s sperm count. In women, it could cause endometriosis. For that reason, we are warned to avoid these kinds of sunscreen especially if you are pregnant. It is also not advisable to use a sunscreen with this chemical on children.

According to studies other than oxybenzone, the other most common ingredients used in sunscreen including avobenzone, octocrylene and ecamsule were also examined. The results showed that when you apply sunscreen containing these for just one day, the levels of these chemicals found in your blood will exceed the threshold. Even worse, with each passing day that involves the use of these sunscreens, the chemical levels in them rise in your body and could accumulate over time in your blood.
Another study that tested over 1400 sunscreen types found that only 5% met safety standards and while sunscreen should be protecting you from skin cancer, 40% of them actually contribute to it due to a Vitamin A derivative present in it that speeds up the growth of cancerous cells.
When you choose to go for a spray sunscreen, the danger is increased because you could end up inhaling the sunscreen and for that reason, they should not be used on the face.
The chemicals in most sunscreens also block your ability to manufacture Vitamin D, which could not only lead to cancer but also heart disease which is one of the leading causes of death in the world today.

That said, not all the ingredients in sunscreen leach into your bloodstream. Not all sunscreens are that harmful and to stay safe it is advisable to seek the opinion of a specialist before you purchase a specific type of sunscreen. Also, remember that sunscreen is just one of the ways of protecting yourself from the sun. Otherwise, you could wear hats, take advantage of the shade or go for a pair of sunglasses during sunny times. They will also protect you from the sun in a way.