Mindful Eating: Learn How to Listen to and Nurture Your Body


One of the main mantras to an overall healthier lifestyle is to adopt healthy food habits. However, it is unbelievably strange how we are so careless about our food choices and how ignorant we are about the impact they have on our health. Haphazardly throwing in refined carbs and processed foods in our diets have become a daily adamant habit for most of us. Unaware of the long term effects, we continue to ingest these potentially harmful foods daily.

A healthy diet not only ensures a fitter and leaner body but also acts as free insurance for a disease-free future. We make wrong food choices for ourselves and more often than not, encourage our friends and family into indulgence as well. Let us take a mindful step back and think about what we are actually doing to our fragile bodies and take an oath to a healthier future. Bringing positive changes to your diets is easier than you think; the key is to take one step at a time.

Start by finding replacements for your unhealthy indulgence rather than completely omitting them. Begin your day with a wholesome breakfast that will boost your energy levels and prepare you for the hectic day ahead. Some smart choices are oatmeal with fruits, whole eggs prepared in your favorite way, homemade granola made from rolled oats along with berries and nuts. Remember to get rid of any unnecessary sugars in your meals.

Eat frequently in small quantities in order to boost your metabolism, starving or skipping a meal is the worst thing you can do to your body. Replace your crunchy chips with crunchy fruits and vegetables like carrots and apples. Or better still, make oven-baked crisps out of your favorite veggies. For lunch and dinner, opt for whole grain carbohydrates rather than refined ones. Add plenty of lean proteins such as chicken, salmon, lean beef, etc. Enrich your diet with adequate amounts of fresh fruits and veggies as they a savior in disguise.

The best way of being healthy is by paying attention to the signals that your body indicate. For example, the color of your urine can determine if your water intake is sufficient and your bloated stomach can indicate towards excessive fatty foods. Rather than depriving yourself of every junk food of the world, treat yourself once a week itself-esteem self-esteem. Replace the sugary sodas with sparkling water along with all natural fruit juice. Keep in mind that your smart food choices can pave the way to your best health and of course, you don’t deserve anything lesser.